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Update from organization founder Sandi

Sandi, who created this organization twenty-six years ago, recently wrote in with an update about her daughter, and some words of encouragement for others. Thank you, Sandi, for helping and inspiring so many people by getting this going!

Hi! I just wanted to touch base and say how thankful I am that this site is still available for families! I started this organization in 1992 when I realized that I needed help managing every day situations that come up when a child has EA/TEF. My daughter’s doctor gave me the names and numbers of other parents, and I contacted them to hold our first meeting. My daughter, Jennine, had a difficult and complicated journey that included a stroke, having a trach until she was 16, and finally having a life-saving surgery of having entire esophagus removed at 19 y/o. Despite the hard road, I wanted to give other parents hope because she is now 27, has lived in an African village as a missionary, is married, and now expecting her 1st baby in a couple of months! I know days and seasons can be very hard with EA/TEF, and positive endings helped to give me hope when Jennine was little. I hope her story gives another parent hope that their child can have a wonderful and fulfilling future! Blessings to all! Sandi Moore (Masi)