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Allyson's Story

Then and Now

It's hard to believe that five years have gone by since Allyson was born. When we took her home from the NICU we took to heart the words from our doctors to "take her home and treat her like a normal, healthy baby". Incidents of apnea, severe respiratory infections, and pneumonia have been a way of life for Allyson ever since.

Our most recent hospitalization in February was by far our most severe. Pneumonia and reflux led to a severe asthma attack, which was only counteracted by her being placed on a ventilator. It's been a long recovery road for Allyson after this episode, but now that the weather has turned and summer is finally upon us, she is doing great! We are hoping for a few months reprieve for those little lungs to heal.

Our lives have been changed like all couples when they have children, but what we have learned from our precious, medically challenged child some people take a lifetime to learn. We marvel at her perseverance, loving nature, and complacency through all that she has been through.

I find myself watching her do "normal" childhood activities and beam with pride and joy the whole time, as all parents do but somehow it's different because of all she has had to overcome to get to where she is now. I thank God for giving Allyson to us because through her, our lives are fuller and we've come to learn what is truly important in life . . .love and happiness.

Allison’s mother